Sunday, 18 May 2014

Has the narrative changed on CIPS Licence?

Having read the latest issue of Supply Management I am mystified what all the fuss about CIPS proposed License to Practice was about - was my interpretation of the initial discussion wrong or have CIPS spun a different story rather than acknowledge a change of plan.

You may recall the fanfare of the need to professionalise the procurement world and insist on a 'closed shop'. I questioned the whole rationale and felt it was really a nonsense and distraction.

Now, if I have correctly read Richard Masser (Chair of CIPS Global Board of Trustees) and David Noble (CIPS CEO) the License isn't something new at all but MCIPS. Of course I am in support of MCIPS being a benchmark but having worked alongside many who have arrived at the profession by other routes I have no choice but to question how I justify them not being viewed as professionally competent.

Nevertheless. I am more concerned about the communications strategy of CIPS.  Did CIPS change their message on 'The Licence' as a result of listening - if they did, I would congratulate them if they were honest about it. If they didn't change their position, and it was always the intention that MCIPS was the Licence, why wasn't that clearer?

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  1. Gordon
    I think it is clear that the message has changed because of the push-back against the 'let's legislate for the licence" (daft) idea. But saying that too overtly might embarrass those who were behind the (daft) idea.