Wednesday, 17 February 2016

CIPS Cyber Security for Procurement Professionals - a useful eLearning tool.

I have just become aware that CIPS released a free eLearning course 'Cyber Security for Procurement Professionals'  which was developed with the UK Government.

There are six modules and it is available free of charge regardless of whether or not you are a CIPS member.  The suggested time for completing the eLearning is 75' but you will need longer if you follow the various links.

To me the real value is in Module 3; the others are pretty generic cyber security awareness raising, while Model 3 provides really useful specific advice on what the procurement professional should do, for example, including the need for certifications in bids.  I think it also implies the need to give some thought to the implications of cyber security within S2P processes.

On the downside, there is some infuriating background music - turn it off. The 'Knowledge Check' questions are the end of each module are so basic they are of questionable value. Disappointingly, I found when I followed some of the early document links I ended up having to completely restart the tool as opposed to picking up where I left off.

Nevertheless, I think this is a useful CIPS offer and would recommend it be included as a 'must do annually'.  I wonder why it is not behind CIPS member only firewall?

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