Monday, 21 July 2014

Public sector food procurement target - smoke and mirrors or easy win?

David Cameron must be quite excited announcing tha public sector canteens will now be ordered to buy British. And I'm sure the author of The Plan for Public Procurement, Peter Bonfield, is also quite excited. After all the public sector is a major buyer of food and, as we know from the horse meat scandal, wasn't that diligent about ensuring sources.

But hold on a second, we've been here before - wasn't there the Public Sector Food Procurement Initiative launched in 2003 which set out in a report some great achievements? Was that evaluation telling fibs?

So, is the Plan for Public Procurement just recycling policy? Is it a challenge to the public sector that the previous Initiative wasn't embedded? Was the previous Initiative sacrificed during the spending cuts? Have the targets already been achieved? What will be different?

As Cameron and Bonfield annouce the 'new' perhaps they should shed some light on the 'old'.

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