Friday, 13 March 2015

Revisiting Green, the procurement guru.

I'm sure many readers recall the coalition's pursuit of improvement in public procurement and the desire to listen to 'the great and the good' of business on 'how it should be done'. That led to Sir Philip Green explaining how to fix public procurement - I wasn't particularly impress by his recommendations.

Isn't it interesting that Green has now sold BHS for a nominal £1. Isn't it also interesting that the Consortium which have bought BHS allegedly feel it was unloved and deprived of investment for years.

I wonder whether those who championed Green as a procurement guru still sing his praises? I wonder how many of his recommendations were actually proved to be effective for public procurement in implementation? I wonder how many of those in public procurement feel they are also the victim of the 'Green strategy of unloved and deprived of investment'?

The sale of BHS for £1 says a lot about Green and value for money, but it should also ring out caution when politicians clamor to listen to private sector gurus.

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