Thursday, 11 February 2016

What can we learn from Deloitte's procurement leaders?

Deloitte have now published their 2016 Global CPO survey
which is worth a read and perhaps even using as a benchmark. Remember it isn't a state of the world but based on the views of an abnormal sample of 324 procurement leaders. Nevertheless some key findings jump out at me:

  • Cost reduction remains a key business strategy for the next 12 months for 74% of the respondents. I do not think it is fair to assume that the other 26% do not see cost reduction as a strategy, but perhaps the question was misunderstood and answered from the perspective of primary objective?
  • 62% of 'procurement leaders' believe of their team do not have the skills to deliver the procurement strategy. While we all know there is an overall skills deficit, what concerns me here is why CPOs would be producing a strategy which they don't have confidence can be delivered - a good CPO will recognise the constraints of people and produce a strategy shaped by those limitations. Of course a good procurement strategy will address skills development too. (As an aside I expect to pick up on the issue of producing a unachievable procurement strategy in a future post so keep watching)!
  • 40% have a clear digital procurement strategy addressing cognitive analytics, crowdsourcing and digital reporting - aka 60% don;y have a strategy! 40% appears to be surprisingly high to me and when I consider only 16% are engaging through the use of social media and 42% with mobile technologies, I suspect there is a misunderstanding of what a digital procurement strategy should comprise (see my white paper)
  • Given the recent procurement disasters the suggestion that only 25% are 'fully involved in the management of risk' is not only disappointing but a bit scary, remember the respondents are 'leaders"!
  • While I frequently hear claims of high procurement influence over spend, the report appears to contradict that, for example, only 66% involved in make/buy decisions. Now if you are a procurement leader and 34% of make/buy decisions are passing you buy - big spend decisions - while I think you may well be honest, how on earth do so many of the 'procurement pack' claim they've influence over ≥ 70% spend?

Sadly, the report didn't pick up on many of the indicators of leading practice I discussed before, but my big lesson is, there remains plenty of opportunity for procurement to improve procurement contribution but first we need to be honest about where we are at the present.

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