Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Procurement risk management & power at Labour Party HQ

You may recall I discussed the UK Government's Guidance Note on Procurement Boycotts some time ago - at that time I was cynical about it's impact. However, Procurement Boycott's hit the news again today - this time the decision of the Labour Party to Boycott that 'procurement old faithful' G4S.

It seems the Labour Party Conference now has a risk of being cancelled as there may not be a contractor in place to provide the required security cover. G4S' contract was cancelled due to their links with Israeli prisons. Attempts at getting others to bid have so far failed.

This is one of those examples which demonstrates so much of procurement risk management. Firstly, it was probably perceived as a Routine contract as opposed to a Bottleneck 'show stopper'. Secondly, it demonstrates the need to recognise power and dependency - Labour probably but wrongly assumed, like so many, that security contractors would love to compete for their work.  Thirdly, it demonstrates that putting in a Procurement Policy without considering its full implications may result in having to rip up the policy.  Finally, it demonstrates the need for supplier engagement when introducing 'new ways of working'.

Procurement Policy may just have moved up the agenda of the Labour Party - it certainly looks as though someone is going to have to shift.

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