Tuesday, 19 June 2012

'The Geek Manifesto : Why science matters' (Book review)

Excellent book.  Very easily read. it argues very clearly the need for a greater application of the scientific method in all aspects of life. Its strength I'm afraid one of its strengths is also its weakness in that sometimes there's a little too much emotion and passion in the narrative; then again it is well titled a 'manifesto'.

For those who follow news stories closely few of the chapters will yield anything particularly new.  But it is useful to have all this evidence in one book.  I think the book would be really useful for those about to attend university - so perhaps a good birthday present, going away present or even for a holiday read.

One good example of why we need better science, which hadn't occurred to me in the past, is the pitfall of the media's passion to present a two sides of most scientific stories - the weakness, which Mark Henderson highlights, is that this greats the false impression that researchers are equally split on a subject while in reality there can be a sizeable majority holding only one view.

Strangely I think the book is relevant to all those involved in procurement decision-making.  For example, we weigh up evidence presented by bidders, and we also take a leader on bid evaluation method.  Those are just two reasons why the lessons from the book on the need for better application of the scientific method would be beneficial and is required.

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