Monday, 4 March 2013

Are you ready for Procurement Visibility: ProcureTruths

I wonder how many of you have come across Glassdoor; a website where potential employees can identify a particular organisation, the typical salaries paid to their varying levels of staff, what questions were asked in interviews, others experience of the recruitment process and what those who were successful in the selection process subsequently thought about working for the organisation. Some really interesting insights and all free of charge.

It came as quite a surprise to someone who recently wanted to discuss a 'compelling opportunity' with me, when I explained that the comments on Glassdoor made it clear to me there was little value in progressing the discussion.

I can see how Glassdoor could be used as part of procurement research in providing useful insights on bidding firms. Of course as Peter Smith rightly implies have we information overload?

However, visualise a similar service for the supply market, let's call it, 'ProcureTruths'. Perhaps ProcureTruths already exists unbeknown to me (please enlighten me if you know of it?).

Nevertheless, let's visualise that ProcureTruths, provides potential suppliers with information on specific buying organisations, say:
  1. Key decision makers in the procurement process;
  2. Procurements influence over spend;
  3. Typical questions asked during the procurement process; 
  4. Organisational tendency to maverick spend;
  5. Buyers qualifications and currency of training;
  6. Understanding and application of procurement best practice; 
  7. Buyers typical salaries;
  8. Negotiating competence and typical strategy;
  9. Management of risk;
  10. Dominant award criteria;
  11. Contract management competence;
  12. CPO credibility;
  13. CPO personal accountability;
  14. Procurement's KPIs;
  15. Reliability in paying;
  16. Approach to resolving disputes;
  17. Buyer integrity;
  18. etc.
If ProcureTruths was released today and there were rankings given to buyers and buying organisations by the supply market, market dynamics would be disturbed, 'preferred customers' would take on a different meaning.

If ProcureTruths was released today you could set aside the UK Government's mystery shopper.

If ProcureTruths was released today how do you think you and your organisation would rank? 

If ProcureTruths was released today would you change your CV?

If you had 12 months notice of the intention to release ProcureTruths, would you change your current behaviour?

The way I see it, it's only a matter of time before a version of ProcureTruths becomes freely available, so, consider yourself on notice.

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