Monday, 30 December 2013

A procurement prediction for 2014

I generally don't make either New Year resolutions or predictions but this year I am going to break that habit and make a prediction. My prediction is that the blind belief that public sector PQQs are evil personified will be seen for what it is, a folly.

At some stage during 2014 it will dawn on those lobbying for the death of the PQQ that organisations in the private sector, who have no need to follow the herd of public sector political rhetoric actually use PQQs too and see them of use as both buyers and sellers.

I predict that those business organisations who have lobbied for the removal of PQQs will recognise the transaction costs of single-stage procurements, borne by every bidder, are more costly than the bidding costs of only pricing when the bidding organisation has a high probability of success. Common sense will prevail and we will see PQQs recognised, for what they are, as a useful tool.

Linked with that, I also predict that, rather than DCLG mandating the removal of PQQs, when they consult with councils, they will learn that councils would prefer the right to chose when a PQQ is appropriate.

So, that's my prediction for 2014.

I hope it is successful for you, thanks for reading the blog.

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