Wednesday, 26 February 2014

CIPS Ethical Procurement & Supply eLearning & Certificate

I can only give CIPS praise today for the introduction of its Ethical Procurement & Supply eLearning and certificate.

The training covers: eradication of unethical behaviour to the human race, eradicating corruption and exploitation, and, personal conscience, compliance and influence. The content, is bang up to date and well presented.

I spent sometime yesterday completing my employer's compulsory 'Compliance with Governance, Anti-bribery and Corruption Awareness' eLearning and test too. So I half expected the CIPS eLearning to have been a bit easier. However, I found the training, informative, quite demanding and not something I could rush through.

There's quite a nice mix of reinforcing detailed case studies and tests on the way through which give you a warm-up to the final test. On completion of the training, which probably took me in the region of four hours, there's a final test which is no pushover but leads to a Certificate. Perhaps useful as a Personal Objective for all procurement staff.

The eLearning and test is free for CIPS members until October 2014. I'd encourage CIPS to continue to offer the training and test free of charge as part of the overall membership offer but perhaps embed it into membership renewal, otherwise I suspect it will slip off the radar. Nevertheless, an excellent CIPS offer which I recommend.  

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