Sunday, 14 September 2014

FIFA corruption and bribery tells us warning shots just aren't enough

How on earth could the gift of a watch valued at £15,000 be viewed  as 'symbolic or trivial value'?  Of course, what value is considered 'trivial'? Well, thanks to another exposé in today's Sunday Times we now know that all but three of FIFA's leadership are so out of touch with reality, greedy and/or so immune to probity that they seem to think acceptance of such gifts within 'goody bags' is fine. We don't know what else was in the 'goody bags' perhaps a pencil, a memory stick which set out FIFA's ethics policy and a eraser?

FIFA had previously become completely discredited after the farce of the Quarter World Cup award, so you may have assumed they'd have been wary of a further scandal, but that just doesn't seem to have registered with them.

It's strange but 'goody bags' seem to be expected - should event organisers now state they are no longer to be issued or should the contents of the bags be published on event websites? Should all 'goody bags' include a declaration relating to potential conflict of interests? Let's face it those who sponsor the items in 'goody bags' would not do so if they had not first of all established the business benefit anticipated.

Yet, we see similar attitudes in the world of procurement. Stand outside any procurement conference and observe the 'goody bags' walking away!

But like FIFA, I have seen organisations where there had been corrupt behaviour in procurement, yet they believed they have 'lanced the boil' and all is now well. FIFA's greed reminds us of the need that such complacency is unfounded. We just can't assume all will be well. We just can't assume it won't happen again. We just can't assume our organisation will be immune. I just wonder how often we highlight the need for vigilance and caution.

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