Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Is the Tesco storm indicative of a governance & policy failure?

Today's news that allegedly three more Tesco staff, who have links with procurement, have been suspended continues to rub salt in the wound and negatively impact on reputation.

While I have discussed Tesco's procurement many times, I now find myself asking: "is the weakness in the governance and policy as opposed to the people?"

If the press are correct, those suspended now include: the commercial director, the food commercial director, three category directors (group wine director, director of convenience foods, and director of impulse purchases) and someone responsible for sourcing.

It seems impossible to believe all those suspended are mavericks or indeed that they were pursuing a strategy concealed from those with strategic oversight. If that is possible, then how many other areas of Tesco's governance lacked scrutiny?

Nevertheless, it may be a good time to gain insights into the procurement governance and policy of Tesco. If that was a fault, you can hardly blame the staff. Even if Tesco replace the staff, in the absence of addressing governance and policy failures, the corrections will only be cosmetic.

It may also be a good time for those charged with procurement governance and policy to ask, "could Tesco's woes be replicated here?".

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