Friday, 25 January 2013

Tragic low for procurement & the need for clarity

I started this week saying: "I hope this week we are freed from the embarrassment of another high profile procurement failure".  It is therefore a major disappointment to learn that the death of 14 year old army cadet, Kaylee McIntosh, in 2007, has been linked to procurement failures.

Procurement was not the only organisational failure:
“HSE’s investigation has confirmed that primary failings during the activity amplified a number of significant underlying organisational failures. In particular, there was evidence of poor planning, leadership and execution of the exercise, coupled with inadequate oversight, procurement, monitoring and training arrangements. These all contributed to the events that took place."
I have absolutely no idea what the procurement failures were and it would be wrong to sit in judgement. Nevertheless, we need to understand what were perceived to be the procurement failures. We need to be reassured that those who came to the conclusion of procurement failures were sufficiently competent to point the finger at procurement. We also need to learn so that Kaylee's tragic death in some way helps reduce the remotest risk of a future tragedy. I hope CIPS, as the professional body, will take the initiative in demonstrating contrition and helping us all learn.

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