Tuesday, 16 April 2013

How seriously have the government taken the food supply chain?

I have been discussing the food supply chain for months now. It seems horsemeat has had such a massive impact on retail that it has reshaped both procurement risk management and consumer buying behaviour too. Yet, despite all the concern expressed by politicians it is only today that we learn the government has ordered a review of Britain's food chain and the risks to health. I really think we have been dragging our feet on this one; let's hope it has not been injurious to public health.

Of course meat scandals aren't unique to the UK but I wonder how much attention is being given to learning from other countries responses. While we talk of delisting suppliers and rapping them across the knuckles, others aren't just so laissez faire.  If the UK are considering others responses I would be interested to hear how effective and transferable they consider the response from Johannesburg, specifically the risk of 10 years in prison for false food labelling

While lost sales may be a real cause for concern we still don't seem to be getting on top of the situation, in fact if anything things are getting worse. There needs to be something which really says this will never happen again - perhaps a jail sentence is required or a ban from supplying any food products anywhere in Europe. What are the chances?

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