Monday, 5 August 2013

Procurement a hot topic at Lancashire CC - sadly

It is a constant disappointment, but hardly surprising, that procurement really only hits the headlines when things go wrong. All too often the same applies to procurement being taken seriously at the top table. 

I suspect tonight the top team of Lancashire County Council will now take procurement more seriously following the suspension of the council's chief executive pending a review of the process involved in the procurement of the fleet services.  

I'm sure the Lancashire top team were aware of the problems which Wirral Council faced last year with the award of its Highways Contract - again top team suspensions. What does it take for top teams to understand they too are vulnerable to procurement risks?

In councils the distance of a functional office from the chief executive is often an indication of perceived strategic significance - I wonder ihow far the procurement officials were located away from the CX's office in Lancashire CC by comparison with the PR function? Now, unfortunately procurement is making the news again in the North West and PR have to grasp what it's all about - I suspect they will learn very quickly.

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