Tuesday, 27 October 2015

You need to get suppliers on board for your S2P journey (4) - Closing thoughts

Over the last few weeks I have discussed the need for supplier engagement in implementing a S2P. In this, the last post, I draw together the main points.
Effective S2P implementation cannot be viewed as something which the implementation organisation has ultimate control over, as it relies on the supply market also choosing to own the solution too. Implementers of S2P solutions need to understand that implementation is a boundary spanning challenge and can represent major change to suppliers.
Since S2P implementation is a change initiative, ensure it is used as a opportunity to contribute to wider strategic objectives, for example, responsible procurement and supplier rationalisation.
The lack of supplier engagement and ownership represents one of the greatest risks to any S2P implementation and requires significant management. Supplier engagement also needs to start early in the implementation – waiting until ‘go live’ is a serious under-estimation of the work required.
Successful implementation is dependent on creating a solid foundation, which includes budget allocation for supplier engagement and the designation of an empathic champion.
While there are many approaches to supplier profiling a simplistic approach, profiling suppliers as either ‘Users’, ‘Converts’, ‘Willing Novices’ and ‘LateAdopters’ can prove to be just as effective and fits well with the communications and training and skills development plans.
Suppliers will be faced with new training and skills development needs. These shortfalls will impact on the implementing organisation and can be reduced through the useof a Skills Framework, a Training Needs Analysis, and agreeing who hasresponsibility of the specific elements of training and development.

I hope you found the posts useful. 

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