Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Inside the mind of a project manager: 'Locke' Film review

Last night I was at a preview screening of 'Locke' - one of the benefits of buying an annual subscription to the Times.

A strange film with a cast of one (although others are on the phone). Shot over just two weeks in London last year, all the action takes place during a car journey with non-stop telephone calls. I don't want to spoil the excellent plot but in amongst domestic crisis and confronting demons of the past, is a major construction project being managed. Some of the innovative solutions to ensure the construction project goes to plan found me laughing yet impressed. Then there's the irony over the limitations of Locke's control - a man who thrives on being in control but paradoxically finds so much of what is important to him as beyond control. I liked Ivan Locke, the main character, but my heart also went out to all the other innocent victims whose lives were turned upside down by the unfolding drama.

I thought this was a really good film and it left me wanting to know 'what happened next?', yet I had no doubt what was going to be the answer in delivery of the project. It may have worked well as a radio programme too but that may have deprived us of some of the tension.

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