Friday, 11 April 2014

Procurement message of the week? PC Blakelock,Tamiflu, violins and mummies from 900BC.

This has been an interesting week and yet, to me, there is a common theme - do you agree?
  1. A test with violin experts unable to detect the difference between quality;
  2. The NHS said to have spent £473m on medication which appears to have had little additional benefit over lower cost alternatives;
  3. The PC Blakelock trail collapsed amid disclosure that witnesses had received from the police prior to delivering incoherent evidence; 
  4. An underestimate of 350,000 emigrants from Eastern Europe;
  5. Medical scans used to reveal how ancient Egyptians died;
  6. Oscar Pistorius claimed to have given an account which is considered so improbable that no one would believe it.
I am sure you can identify the common theme, but just in case, the message for procurement is, before you rely on opinion, regardless of the witness, look for the evidence and be sceptical.

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